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Ultra Lite Support Documents

Product & General Maintenance

Knowing how to properly take care of your product to ensure long lasting operation is important. Knowing your warranty program will also offer additional reassurance.

Egress Compliance Policy

This document outlines the critical information regarding UL_325 and the policies surrounding egress, pedestrian openings, garage doors and what you can expect.

LEED Information

LEED Information is crucial to understanding the level of impact a company has on the environment. What amount of material is reused or recycled is important and how well sustainable resources are sourced out.

Shipping & Freight Policy

This document outlines standard shipping and freight policies and procedures. This document will outline how you can expect to receive your product as well as steps to take if product is damaged.

Terms & Conditions

This document will outline the necessary procedures and important topics of the Dealer Portal, online orders or orders placed through your dealer rep, product usage, and errors during ordering.

Warranty Information

Information regarding the Limited Lifetime Warranty, Dealer's Installation Warranty, how to submit a warranty claim and what is not covered under warranty.

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Installation and Setup Documents

More downloads are available online through our Dealer Portal. 
Please login or contact your Dealer Rep for more information.

Somfy RTS Program Guide

No-Parallel Wiring Diagram

Somfy Key Switch Wiring Diagram

Isolation Control Wiring Diagram

Battery Backup Wiring Diagram

Battery Backup Terminal Block Layout

RTS CMO Limit Settings

Wired Motor Limit Setup

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Brochures & Marketing Informaiton

Roll Shutter Brochure

Somfy RTS Brochure

Liquor Store & Cannabis Flyer

Heroal Surface Coating Flyer

Downloads: Files
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