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Emergency Protocols

Lock Down Procedures

Ultra-Lite Shutters has custom solutions for all types of emergency protocols for schools. We have installed all types of systems that schools require for lock-down procedures to keep everyone safe. 

School Kids

Guide Lock

Each Roll Shutter can come equipped with guide locks. Ensuring each slat is locked inside the guide rail creates a more secure product capable of withstanding varying degrees of brute force entry. Offering the most secure products on the market to ensure the safety and peace-of-mind to all. 

Ultra Secure Rail.jpg

Group Control

Group Control 1.png

Group controlled Roll Shutters offer a secure way to operate each unit via the classroom or an emergency switch in the main office. Each Roll Shutter can operate independently to offer shade or privacy to the students and office Administrators can have full authority over every installed unit in case of emergencies. 

Everything Connected

Our Group Control systems have multiple levels of connectivity. Utilizing single daisy-chain connections and either program physically or via the wireless program function, the emergency switch can override every Roll Shutter installed in the chain. 

Group Control 2.png
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