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Roller Door HD

UltraSecure 53

The UltraSecure 53 Roll Shutter is a large profile and Heavy Duty product. It can reach maximum heights up to 15 ft. (450cm) and larger than average coverage widths up to 16ft. (480cm) The UltraSecure 53 Slat features a taller profile height, with additional rigidity so it can handle greater stress than smaller products. The roll-formed aluminum slat encases Heroal's patented, thick, dye cast resin core to ensure the strength necessary to stand the test of time.


Maximum Width: 4.80m (16 Ft)     -     Maximum Height: 4.50m (15 Ft)     -     Maximum Area: 16.5m² (178 Ft²)

Application: Commercial, Industrial, Large Coverage

Purpose: Security, Intrusion Prevention

Composition: Roll Formed Aluminum with Dye Cast Resin Core

RS 53 RC2.jpg

Maximum Width

4.80m (16 Ft) 

Maximum Height

4.50m (15 Ft) 

Maximum Area

16.5m² (178 Ft²)

Slat Weight

10.5 kg/m² (2.15 Lbs/Ft²)

Security Rating

2 - Moderate Physical

Roller Door Colors


Clear Anodized (Silver)


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