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Product Lines in Development

Shown below are the current product lines that we are working on developing. 

Ultra Shade - Cable


Ultra Shade - Cable

The Ultra-Shade can be equipped with a cable attachment to the box/housing. The cable is then fastened to a bracket, mounted at the base.  We are currently testing this product. 


Ultra Shade - Skylight

This project may be a little farther off than we hoped. The gas cylinder that acts as a reverse tensioning device requires thorough testing to ensure it can handle the harsh Canadian environments. 

Ultra Shade - Skylight
Fixed Screen


Ultra Shade - Fixed

Utilizing our current rail and zip track system, we are developing a joining system for fastening the system together. This will allow us to package the components in a small crate and will make assembly very easy.


Roller Door - MAX

The open-box concept of the Roller Door will transition our current product line into a more robust system. Being able to do larger openings and use different operators will give dealers more options. 

Roller Door - 75 MAX
Ultra Sun - Pergola


Ultra Sun - Pergola

This is the new Heroal OR system. We are working to have it certified for North America but we are expecting a 5-7 year project when bringing it to our market.


Ultra Shade - Edge

The Ultra Shade edge system will incorporate the cable guided system using custom bottom bar end stops. This will allow a seamless and smooth connection at the corner join. 

Ultra Shade - Cable Corner
Roller Door - 75


Roller Door - V.2

The new roller door system will transition into using new slat profiles, new guide rails and also be able to accommodate an open-box system. This new system can also integrate with new safety features.


Roller Grille

This will most likely be an extension of the roller door but we are currently testing the new enclosure system to ensure full compatibility. 

Roller Grille
Stainless Steel Slat


Stainless Steel

The stainless steel security shutter is one of the strongest products on the market. We are currently working on implementing the stainless steel slat and hope to have this available very soon. 

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