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Fabric Selection

Fabric Types and Available Options

Primary Purpose of the Screen

Your screen can accomplish one or several things depending on the purpose of the product. You can choose one, several, or all of the topics listed below. 

  • Shading - The addition of a zip screen can make a space more comfortable by providing shading to an area that may be in the direct sun for extended periods of time.

  • Privacy - By installing a zip screen, you can create a space that is enclosed and private from neighbours, public areas, or general foot traffic. 

  • Blackout - Whether it be for a nursery, hospital room, or an amphitheater; blocking all light to improve sleep, ensure privacy and focus, or improve any experience can make a world of difference.

  • Aesthetics - With such a variety of colours and types, you can create a space that stands out significantly while still providing an open-air space to enjoy the great outdoors.

What Your Options Offer You

The different options offer much more than just a simple shade or a bit of privacy. They can attract attention, liven up a dark corner, or create a majestic dining area for guests. You can utilize these options to your advantage when installing a screen in any area. 


The different colours provide more than just something to look at. When taking the following list of options into account, you can personalize any space to fit your needs. 


Light Colours

Higher Light Transmission

Higher Glare from the Sun

Creates Brighter and Open Rooms

Dark Colours

Lower Light Tranmission

Lower Glare from the Sun

Creates Private and Seclusive Rooms

Fabric Openness

The distance between each thread or weave of fabric can offer more than stopping a bug or blocking the sun. The following details explain more into the benefits of each type. 

Openness Image.jpg

Larger Space between Weave

Higher Glare from the Sun

Lower Protection from UV Light

Higher Wind Tolerance

Smaller Bugs may Pass Through

Tighter Spce between Weave

Lower Glare from the Sun

Higher Protection from UV Light

Lower Wind Tolerance

No Bugs can Pass Through

Engineered Blackout

In certain applications, a fully blackout product is necessary. Usually this is the sole purpose of the screen and we offer one of the most effective products on the market. 

There are no options and no variations to this specific product. If you require a blackout screen, simply note that in your request and we'll use our patented product, as well as our guaranteed partner program, to create the perfect product for you. 

For these applications, we use the Soltis B92 & B702 Engineered Blackout products. 

  • Nursery, bedroom or people requiring full blackout to improve sleep. 

  • Doctors Office or Hospital room to offer enhanced privacy and ensure focus without distraction. 

  • Theatres, concert halls and similar venues utilize these blackout products to enhance the experience and to ensure there are no distractions or obstructions from the experience.

Father and Son Taking a Nap
Medical Checkup
Red Chairs

Special Circumstances

There are other fabrics that we offer that can give you added benefits in certain situations. These fabric benefits are not widely known but when necessary, they still offer an amazing product and a wonderful addition to any space. If any of the following benefits are required, please note that on your quote request and we'll be happy to assist you with the additional questions. 

  • Fully Sustainable, PVC-Free Engineered Fabric

  • Aluminum Filament Woven Fabrics to offer Higher Heat Protection

  • Flame Retardant Fabrics

  • Rot Resistant Fabrics

  • Water, Dirt and Oil Resistant Fabrics

  • High Tear Resistant Fabrics

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