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Heroal, Ultra-Lite Shutters primary supplier, promotes the highest level of reusability, recycling, and sustaining a bright future.

Aluminum Material Cycle.jpg

Product contains up to 85% recycled aluminum

and utilizing recycled aluminum requires 95% less energy.

Nearly all aluminum is fed back into processing to guarantee a high volume of recycled product.

Powder contains no carcinogenic substances and overspray is vacuumed, achieving almost 100% effectiveness.

Using a dedicated water supply and a closed water circuit, in-house purification can be done to ensure safe water enters the waste-water system.

To reduce the amount of products, Heroal uses a single type of packaging for all outbound products and it is 100% recyclable. 

in Production

Material Useage.jpg

Material Usage

In addition to recycled aluminum, we use recyclable foils and are constantly reducing the amount of packaging we use.


Material Usage

Thanks to cutting-edge plant technology, we are able to achieve premium coating results while expending minimal energy. For example, we use the waste heat from the curing oven as an energy carrier for the retained water dryer, and in the pretreatment stage we were able to reducethe size and number of pumps by switching fromspray to surge technology, saving energy as aresult.



We also keep material usage as low aspossible during the actual coating process, and wereuse improperly coated profi les after removingthe coating.

in Transportation



We constantly reduce chemical waste and dispose of it according to applicable guidelines.

Foam Filling Process.jpg

Foam Filling Process

Foam filling in the modular insulation zone of our aluminum compound profiles is carried out with PU foams manufactured in a process developed by heroal that uses no halogenated propellants. We use water as a propellant, thereby making a substantial contribution to the protection of the ozone layer.

Energy Management.jpg

Energy Management

We generate a majority of the energy used in production ourselves in our in-house cogeneration unit.



For distribution we use our own truck fleet, which conforms with the highest standards. All of our vehicles have level 4 environmental stickers.

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