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Motor Types and Additional Options

Somfy RTS Motors

  • RTS motors use wireless, handheld or mounted, remotes. 

  • RTS motors can be hard-wired into an existing electrical junction box.

  • RTS motors can be fixed with a NEMA plug and plugged into a standard wall outlet. 

  • 30Nm and 50Nm models available with CMO option.

RTS Wiring.png

Somfy Standard (Wired) Motors

  • Standard motors must be wired into wall station controls and then to an existing electrical junction box. 

  • Standard motors can utilize the SMC (Smart Motor Control) to add different assemblies.

  • Standard motors should be fixed with Isolation Controls if linking multiple motors or controls. 

  • All stocked models are also available with CMO option. 

Wired motor.png

CMO (Compact Manual Override) Motors

  • You can get RTS or Standard motors with the CMO option. 

  • CMO allows for an alternate operation if the motor is unable to function. 

  • Crank attachment can be fixed to the external hood or hidden for concealed security access. 

Exit Options.png

Remotes & Switches

Shutter Operators and Accessories

RTS Remotes and Acessories

(Top Row) Situo 1 Pure, Situo 5 Pure, Telis Patio 1, Telis Patio 4, Telis 16 Pure, Sun and Wind Sensor

(Second Row) RTS Digital Keypad, DecoFlex 1, DecoFlex 5, Smoove 1, Smoove 5, Key Fob Remote

situo 1.jpg
situo 4.png
Telis 4 Patio.jpg
Telis 1 Patio.jpg
Telis 16  Pure_Awning.jpg
Simu TSA Hz Remote.jpg
Somfy Keypad Pro.jpg

Standard Operators and Acessories

(Top Row) 3 Position Paddle Switch, 3 Position Toggle Switch, Surface Mount Key Switch, Recessed Mount Key Switch

(Second Row) SMC Motor Controller, Isolation Control Relay, Camden CM Series Key Switch

Simu SMC.jpg

Group Control Systems

(Top Row) IGC-4N1 Group Control, Somfy GCS-II 2 Motor Group Relay

(Second Row) Somfy TaHoma System, Somfy Touch Building Control (BuCo) Interface 

GCS 2.webp
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