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Backing and Fasteners
Backing Material
Minimum Intrusion
Commercial Aluminum Studs
Self-Tapping 5 Screw, #12 HEX Head
There is no minimum intrusion into Commercial Aluminum Studs. Ensure proper mating to this material.
Framed Wood
#14 Wood or Lag Screw Pan Head
42 mm (1.5 in.) Threaded Penetration to Existing Wood Stud
#14 Screw Pan Head with Anchor or Plug (Everbilt, Fischer, Triple Grip)
Follow instructions for plug insertion. Recommended intrusion should be no less than 45 mm (1.75 in.)
Red Iron
Self-Tapping 5 Screw, #12 HEX Head
There is no minimum intrusion into Red Iron. Ensure proper mating to this material.
  • Stucco, Acrylic or other decorator surfaces are not to be included in the minimum intrusion depth.

  • For Red Iron or Commercial Aluminum Studs, do not use stainless steel fasteners. Use appropriate corrosion resistant fasteners. 

  • Mounting Information applies to FOW (Face of Wall) only. 

  • Dealer or installer is required to seal/caulk all shutter components edges that contact the building or backing material. This will ensure proper wind and/or rain intrusion. 

  • Choose corrosion resistant material that is appropriate for the application in which the product is being installed into. 

  • Ensure that you are aware of all hazards and are working in a safe environment at all times. Ensure that appropriate penetration is achieved. 

Disclaimer: It is the responsibility of the dealer or installer to ensure that the surface and backing material is sufficient to support the installation of the product and that the product is securely fastened. 
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