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  • We Partner with the best, most reliable companies in the industry

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Whether it's upgrading the energy efficiency of your home, protecting your business, securing your valuables or designing a new project, our products fit every application. 
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Our Partners


Heroal. Founded in 1874, this family owned and operated company is  Europe's leading supplier of aluminum Roll Shutter profile systems. Heroal is the original designer of the roll-formed slat and currently has the most advanced profile system on the market. Unmatched in quality and design, Ultra-Lite and Heroal have formed a strong partnership to bring the high performance products to the North American market. 


Somfy. World renowned for motors, sun protection, home automation, security and access control, lighting and environment integration and many, many more. Manufactured in France, we have partnered with yet another world leader that is unmatched by any competitor. Ultra-Lite strives to offer the most advanced, safe and robust systems on the market and with our partners, have developed one of the most reliable product available. 





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