Ticket # 17

Curtain bouncing

Video 1
Short up and down. 

Video 2
Full operation with bouncing.

Product: RS 37 RC2, HTF 40 SAFE-S RC 2, FMR 45 230, Black-44.
Size: 4877 x 2743 mm
Curtain Weight: 107 Kg (235 Lbs.)

Problem: The curtain is bouncing in the center section. 

Cause: After reviewing the issues with our tech teams and reaching out to the product manufacturer, there may be a few issues that are causing this. 

Cause A: The hood is slanted and causing the curtain to shift in operation to one side which is making the end retention stops push outwards causing jamming on the way down.

Cause B: There is a curve in the guide rails. When standing in the opening, looking at the channel of the guide rail, it is likely that a curve will cause the curtain to stall at that point and shift down as more weight is applied. 

Cause C: Guide rail trueness. Due to the weight of the curtain, with any  deviation in the fail installation, the slats will press on the front, or back, of the rail that is out of alignment. This will always cause "jittering" when travelling down as the curtain is trying to force itself down a track that is fighting back, not allowing smooth operation. 

Resolution: We understand that measures have been taking to combat these causes. After reviewing service history and engaging in our support teams, it is likely that additional issues are present in the structure or installation of the product. 

First, we recommend raising the curtain and bringing the bottom bar out of the rails. If there are any stops (plastic end pieces) in the bottom bar, remove them. Then, ensure that the rails are free from obstruction and the channel the end retention stops travel down is not impeded, then test operation again. 

Second, we would ask that a laser level be used to confirm that everything is lined-up properly, to confirm all components are square, true, plumb and level. 

Third, if there was any bend applied to the curtain during installation, it may be possible that, if the frame is installed correctly, a bend in the curtain could cause an issue. This bend could cause a simulated issue in the trueness of the rails or could bind the hook so the slats don't close properly. 

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