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How do I program the limits on my RTS Shutter? 

1. When you plug in the motor, it should jog.
2. Press the UP & DOWN button on your remote to enter setup.
3. If the directions are reversed, press and hold the MY button.
4. Move the shutter to the lower limit and press UP and MY buttons and stop the shutter near the top.
5. Move the shutter to the desired upper limit and press the DOWN and MY button.
6. Hold the MY button to finalize your limits.
7. Hold the PROGRAM button on the back to take the motor out of program mode.

How do I get a quote in USD?

Simply email us with your quote number and we'll convert it and send it right back. Freight to the USA will require custom quoting due to duties and cross-border fees. Have additional questions? Please Contact Us and we'll be happy to help. 


I have an RTS Digital Keypad, how do I set it up?

First, the RTS Digital Keypad must be setup AFTER you have programmed your limits with a programmable remote. Telis, Smoove or DecoFlex remotes are required for limit setting. 
1. Remove the cover plate of the keypad.
2. Press the RESET button on the back until the lower indicator light turns on. 
3. Enter the preset code (000000) then press and hold the SET button until lower indicator light turns on. (~8 seconds)
4. While the indicator light is on, enter in your NEW CODE and press the SET button until the lower indicator light turns off and on again.
5. Enter your new code again and press the SET button and the lower indicator light should turn off.
6. You are finished. Test your new code and consult the Motor Manual for additional help.

Face of Wall vs. In-Jamb Mounting?

Installing our products are easy. When on-site, confirming what type of mounting is critical to ensure proper measurements and to avoid issues during installation.

Face of Wall mounting is the act of installing the shutter to the exterior structure that covers the opening. This is the most widely used method of installation and it allows for fluctuation of measurements if unforeseen circumstances arise during installation. 

In-Jamb is when the shutter is installed INSIDE the opening. If you have a recessed window, mounting to the inside of the frame can be helpful in saving space or utilizing usable mounting points if other areas are more problematic.

What happens if Ultra-Lite goes to my customer direct?

We don't and we won't. 

Simply, we're here to promote our product through our expert dealer network. If we undercut our own dealers, that is counter intuitive to our business model. You can always count on us to assist you in any way we can, aside from quoting direct. 

I've got a motor and a manual crank handle; how do I set the limits?

Any motor with a manual operator, such as a crank handle, will have to utilize manual limits. On the side of the motor where the crank handle is installed, you should see two buttons on the motor head. Those are your UP and DOWN limit switches. If those buttons are on the reverse side, you should see two metal clips protruding from behind the motor. Those are connected on the reverse side of the motor to the limit switches.

Why is your product the best?

Ultra Lite purchases it's raw product from Heroal, the largest profile extruder on the planet. Heroal was the first Roll Shutter manufacturer, founded in 1874, they are still family owned and operated and provide the most advanced rolling products on the market today. 

Our motorized products are powered by Somfy, the world's leading producer of tubular motors and home integration and automation systems. With a 5-Year warranty and both home and commercial integration tools, Somfy is the most advanced and reliable manufacturer on the market.

How is your product shipped?

We partner with several carriers to make sure our product arrives in perfect condition. We always advise our dealers to inspect the shipment prior to accepting it to ensure we are able to deal with damaged freight properly. We utilize a laminated paper-board enclosure in addition to standard pallet/skid freight to make sure the best care is taken when handling your product.

Can I ship my product myself?

Absolutely. Once your order is complete, we'll send you weight and dimensions of your package and your carrier of choice can pickup your shipment at our dock. 

1. You receive weight and dimensions of your packed product.

2. Create the Bill of Lading and send it to Ultra Lite.

3. Schedule the pickup of the product at our facility. Please allow 1-2 hours between sending the Bill of Lading and scheduling pickup to allow our dock workers to prepare your shipment. 

Simple and easy.

Do you offer discounts for high volume orders?

We will always try to assist our dealers in closing jobs. If there is something we can do to get you from the quoting to the order stage, please reach out to your dealer rep and they will work with you to help seal the deal. 

Bulk orders? Have a large order of raw material or parts? Contact your dealer rep and ask about bulk discounts. 

How many charge-rotations does the spring need for proper use?

Click the Question Mark above to check out our Youtube Video to help you charge the spring in our manual shutters.

Why is Ultra-Lite better then the other guy?

Ultra-Lite products are sourced from two, world-renowned, manufactures. We don't buy the cheapest part available, our products aren't made from multiple sources, we only offer the perfect, complete system.

Our production team utilizes the most advanced automated machinery in the world and we stock all product locally so your aren't waiting, we ship within 5-10 days from production.