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The Ultra-Secure Shutter line is manufactured for the more security conscious application. We’ve increased the wind load, thermal insulation and noise barrier on the Secure Shutter.  The Ultra-Secure Shutter combines the aesthetically pleasing visual of the Ultra-Protect Shutter with a beefed-up level of security and protection which is readily apparent at every angle.


The Ultra-Secure components are:

  • Ultra-Secure 37 Aluminum Slat with a hard-resin core which allows for strength of security and enables us to cover a larger span with low deflection.

  • HTF-40 Secure Guide Rail features a 40mm slat channel making it more tamper resistant and a beefed up high strength aluminum wall.

  • Secure End Slat in 45 and 52mm widths.  Additional security measures such as keyed locks can be added to the 52mm end slat for greater peace of mind.

  • Anti-Push Up Mounts add still another layer of security for curtain attachments.

  • Somfy Motor from the world’s leading Roll Shutter motor manufacturer