Motor Types and Additional Options

Somfy RTS Motors

  • RTS motors use wireless, handheld or mounted, remotes. 

  • RTS motors can be hard-wired into an existing electrical junction box.

  • RTS motors can be fixed with a NEMA plug and plugged into a standard wall outlet. 

  • 30Nm and 50Nm models available with CMO option.

RTS Wiring.png

Somfy Standard (Wired) Motors

  • Standard motors must be wired into wall station controls and then to an existing electrical junction box. 

  • Standard motors can utilize the SMC (Smart Motor Control) to add different assemblies.

  • Standard motors should be fixed with Isolation Controls if linking multiple motors or controls. 

  • All stocked models are also available with CMO option. 

Wired motor.png

CMO (Compact Manual Override) Motors

  • You can get RTS or Standard motors with the CMO option. 

  • CMO allows for an alternate operation if the motor is unable to function. 

  • Crank attachment can be fixed to the external hood or hidden for concealed security access. 

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